a premier local grocery delivery service serving Austin, TX and Plano, TX


SpeedyGrocer Offering local grocery delivery in Austin, TX and Plano, TX. Shop using our convenient online store, and we'll deliver your groceries to your door!
Easy to understand Fees Two pricing options to make your grocery pricing simpler!
Personal and Business Grocery Shopping We deliver to a variety of locations
Can't find what you need? Why not write up a grocery list and send it in instead? (fees apply)
We Serve the Following Zip Codes in Austin, TX and Plano, TX 78610,78613,78617, 78641,78652,78653, 78660,78664,78681, 78701,78702,78703, 78704,78705,78712, 78717,78719,78721, 78722,78723,78724, 78725,78726,78727, 78728,78729,78730, 78731,78732,78733, 78734,78735,78736, 78737,78738,78739, 78741, 78742,78744, 78745,78746,78747, 78748,78749,78750, 78751,78752,78753, 78754,78756,78757, 78758,78759



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