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SpeedyGrocer is the Premier Online Grocery Store serving the Central Texas Area. We Shop then Deliver groceries to Austin, Round Rock, and Georgetown TX. Choose from over 10,000 Groceries!

Let SpeedyGrocer shop your local grocery stores for your groceries, then deliver straight to your doorstep! Order groceries online for delivery to several areas in Central Texas and Plano Texas.


We offer grocery delivery to the following zip codes exclusively:
  • Austin, Texas
78610,78613,78641,78652,78653,78660,78664,78681,78701,78702,78703,78704,78705, 78712,78717,78719,78721,78722,78723,78724,78726,78727,78728,78729,78730,78731, 78732,78733,78734,78737,78738,78739,78741,78744,78745,78746, 78748,78749,78750,78751,78752,78753,78754,78756,78757,78758,78759,75023,75024,75025, 75026,75074,75075,75086,75093,75094,78682,78683
  • Round Rock, Texas

78626, 78628, 78634, 78660, 78664, 78665, 78681, 78717, 78728

  • Plano, Texas
  • Georgetown, Texas 78626
Let your friendly grocery driver shop your regular store! Our drivers shop at H-E-B and Walmart for a familiar local shopping experience and selection! And, if you don't see something in our online store, you can always add it for a 25% custom item fee!
So, How does it work? Basically, your driver will get your grocery order via the web, they'll drive to the store then shop for your grocery list, go through the checkout line, then deliver it to your doorstep within your chosen 2-hour time slot. It's that simple!
Can't find a grocery item you're looking for? Why not write up a grocery list and send it in instead? Let SpeedyGrocer pick up a wide variety of grocery items off-menu for 25% of the item's price. You can also add a custom grocery item for your driver to pick up by clicking "+Custom Item" in the top menu!
Our drivers shop for your groceries, check out, then deliver them to your doorstep! It's that Simple!
Easy to understand Fees Two pricing options to make your grocery pricing simpler!
Quick Grocery Delivery Serving Austin, Texas and Plano, Texas
Personal and Business Grocery Shopping We can deliver your groceries to a variety of locations, including: Businesses, Apartments, Houses, Condos, Assisted Living Facilities, Churches, Events, & more!
SpeedyGrocer Offering local grocery delivery in Austin, TX and Plano, TX. Shop using our convenient online store, and we'll deliver your groceries to your door!
Buy Groceries online with Confidence We use PayPal to make sure your financial information stays safe! We accept all major credit cards through paypal


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